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About Us

Maxxwell's expertise in e-motor winding development, manufacturing and temperature management stands out regardless of the type electric motor technology under development.

Maxxwell's area of focus is Axial Flux motors. These unique electric motors provide a strong value proposition given their low mass and reduced size. Our axial flux motors are not only different from traditional radial electric motors, Maxxwell's motors differ greatly from the offerings of any current e-motor manufacturer. 

MK23 Rotor Shaft Asm_edited.jpg

Team Expertise


12 years of Electric Motor Design


25 years of Manufacturing Planning & Execution.


30 Years of Product Commercialization 

(Multiple Industries).


Why Us

Our designs maximize mass & material cost reductions.

We can scale our technology to meet a broad range of industry needs.

Maxxwell knows how to make better motors for ourselves and others.

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